About blind-i

Don't take a blind eye to Privacy and Security threats.



Blind-i  is a cyber security technologies and consulting services company. The innovative technologies we manufacture and resell are proven to protect corporate, public and private information on the overwhelming number of connected devices used as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our services range from basic project defined consultancy services, sales staff augmentation, process redesign and vertical market creation and more. Our security and privacy services include individual and business security assessments and project based consultancy for security intrusion detection, prevention, remediation and much more.  We also supply leading manufacturer cyber security products, support and services. In addition, we provide sales, marketing and sales operation outsourcing. We work with foreign or domestic companies.


Our team specializes in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, State and Local Government. Technical and sales expertise in Hybrid Cloud Computing solutions, Virtual Storage, Hyper-converged Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Enterprise and Client HW, ISV Software, End User Computing, High Performance Computing, Video Surveillance, Data Encryption, Networking and more.


Blind-i  is a U.S. based, minority owned business dedicated to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Welcome to Blind-i, we appreciate your time and consideration. Technology is advancing so quickly that it is difficult for any company to navigate the complexity alone. Whether you are looking for a specific security solution, a security risk assessment, some strategic consulting, or some temporary or long-term senior sales assistance we would like to speak with you.

Don’t take a blind eye to the problems you know are slowing your business. They will likely not go away and only get worse over time.  Let us help you bring light to the issues that are holding you back and enable you to realize the full potential of your business

We are a faith based, minority owned business that care about the work we do. If we cannot assist you we will do our best to recommend you to someone who can. We are looking forward to exploring how we can help you take your business to the next level of growth.