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Provider & Payer (Healthcare)

The evolution of healthcare continues to move forward and it is thankfully driving new innovation and improvements. It has also created dynamic healthcare policy shifts every few years giving rise to new complexity, uncertainty and overwhelming amounts of change.  The working dynamics between Provider and payer has never been more important in driving better quality of care, improved outcomes and managing the impact to revenues for both sides of the equation.

Healthcare companies need to stay current with the trends that are defining the next generation of care giving.  Some of the current trends have been to cap government spending, place more emphasis on quality controls, measurement and overall outcomes. The access to more information is shifting more control and responsibility to a patient-centric care model, away from a provider-centric ecosystem. Post acute care will be critical to managing costs throughout the continuum of care. The complexities of monitoring patience health and wellness has already accelerate digital transformation with both new and existing ISVs looking to cash in on offering solutions to support this data intensive technological shift in the healthcare model.

Results-Driven Models for Provider & Payer Relationships

Best practices like Population Health Management is giving rise to leveraging Big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies and changing the way providers and payers leverage not only their on premise data centers, but also their use of the cloud in their need to drive down costs and manage shrinking margins. 

We can expect even more changes to our healthcare system. It is clear that significant changes to  insurance coverage and healthcare exchanges are on the way. The evolving value-based payment model will have many CXOs continuing to scramble to implement solutions that reduce complexity, ensure dynamic scalability, improve efficiency and slash costs.

With the healthcare industry prepares for a daunting task ahead, new and existing healthcare vendors will be looking for ways to solve the challenges healthcare providers and payers are facing. We can assist with evaluating the solutions you provide to the healthcare industry ensuring they align with the needs of the target healthcare audience.

Start your healthcare vertical transformation with our team of expert consultants. We can quickly grow your business in healthcare and align you with the healthcare contacts that can accelerate the recognition of your technology.

The Healthcare Vertical Transformation Skillset

Health Information Technology
HIS and EHR systems
Connected Healthcare Interoperability 
Provider & Payer regulation
Telemedicine, Medical Devices, Home Healthcare
Population Health Management, ACOs
Business Intelligence (BI) and Predictive Analytics
BPM and BPO Services
Digital Transformation
Hybrid Cloud, SaaS, DaaS, PaaS, and MSPs
Sales Acquisition
Retention and Development
Business Development Partner Alliance
Leadership, Coaching, and Team Building
Sales Process Redesign and Improvement 
Problem Resolution Health Insurance Exchanges
Networking Strategies
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